What Are Real Estate Comps?

Real estate comps are a powerful tool for anyone venturing into the complex and potentially volatile real estate market. Comps allow you to effectively compare similar real estate sales so you’ll better understand what to expect in your own situation. Whether you’re selling a piece of property, buying a home, or simply investing in the real estate market, understanding comps will help you make the best choices possible with your funds.

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What’s the Best Way to Finance Your Real Estate Investment?

A quick look at different types of investment loans

An investment loan refers to any kind of loan used to finance the purchase and/or renovation of an investment property. While the home one lives in may well be considered an investment, it is also a home; as such, it is not considered an investment property per se, as one has to have a roof over one’s head, whether owned or rented. Purchasing a property with the aim of leasing it or fixing it up to flip it and make a quick profit, makes it an investment property – a realistic alternative to investing one’s spare capital in stocks or bonds. 

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How Long is a Standard Home Mortgage?

Mortgages offer many options for homeowners, with varying interest rates, amortization, fees, and monthly payment amounts. You need to find the mortgage that works best for your unique situation, whether your goal is a lower payment, lower interest rate, or paying the loan off as soon as possible.

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Can you Get a Bridging Loan with Bad Credit?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan of a year or less used to cover the time between when long-term financing is needed and when it will be available. Bridge loans are typically high-interest loans that require some sort of collateral. The best and most common example is when a homeowner wants to purchase a new home before their existing home sells. They can use the equity in their current home as collateral and use the bridge loan to proceed with their new home purchase giving them time to sell their house.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a bridge loan, but your credit is bad, you have options. The biggest concern for lenders in a bad credit situation is the exit strategy for your bridge loan. If you have a solid exit strategy, lenders may work with you.

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How to Build a Real Estate Portfolio

A real estate portfolio is the collection of your tangible assets or a document that comprehensively details all of your real investment assets, both past and present. Think of it as a resume for your real estate investment history. The portfolio can consist of Real Estate Investment Trusts, flipped homes, and rental properties. A portfolio isn’t a legal term, just a concept, so you can reference it as you see fit.

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Investing in Senior Housing

As Baby Boomers approach retirement, the demand for senior housing will continue to increase. While real estate has traditionally been a solid investment, housing for retirees and senior citizens is bound to experience a rapid increase in demand. Investment property may be purchased by individuals or through groups who pool their resources. Financing for investment properties is tighter and is one of many factors to consider before pursuing an investment in senior housing properties.

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