What is the 70% Rule in House Flipping?

If you’re new to flipping houses, you may have heard of the 70% rule but not know exactly what it is. Longtime house flippers used their years of experience to create a quick tool called the 70% rule. This tool helps them quickly analyze a potential purchase to determine whether they should put an offer on the property. 

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The 8 Best Parks Around Boca Raton, Florida

While best known for upscale dining, brilliant nightlife, and numerous yacht clubs, Boca Raton, Florida, is also home to lots of lovely parks. From sandy beaches to nature centers filled with local wildlife, it’s easy to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the natural beauty of the Boca Raton area at these eight parks. Continue reading “The 8 Best Parks Around Boca Raton, Florida”

Investing in Mortgage Notes – Earn Higher Returns with Less Risk

When you think of investing, your mind may jump immediately to the stock market. Although that’s one option, it’s certainly not your only option for investing. In fact, most financial experts recommend a diverse approach to investing, which means including more than just stocks in your portfolio. If you’ve ever thought about investing in other options, you may be interested in learning more about mortgage notes as an investment opportunity. 

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New Home Construction Shows Greatest Increase Since Recession

Remember back in the spring, when the pandemic was just making its presence felt? Many of us thought that this would put the housing market on hold, or – at the very least – depress prices. We couldn’t imagine marketing homes in the middle of a pandemic, much less entering into a contract to build new. Yet, in fact, seven months on, that has not turned out to be the case.

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11 Golf Courses You Should Try in Boca Raton, FL

Whether you’re an amateur golfer or you’re practically ready to go pro, you’ll find plenty of spots to tee off in Boca Raton, Florida. From public courses that you can visit any time to private clubs where you’ll need a membership, Palm Beach County has a destination for everyone. Check out 11 of the best golf courses in Boca Raton and beyond.

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How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities

Investors want better rates than they are getting from their banks, but stock markets seem too risky. With all the uncertainties in the world’s economies, investors are looking at ways of diversifying their assets. Property is often the first choice for an investor with a longer-term outlook.

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