Short term solutions to “Bridge” the gap until permanent financing becomes available.


A Bridge loan, also known as an asset-based loan is traditionally used to finance the acquisitions of a property, improvements, renovations or as a short-term solution for Real Estate investors to stabilize rent. This type of financing allows for borrowers to bridge the gap during times when financing is needed but not yet available. Private Money interest rates do not fluctuate like institutional loans that are tied to common interest indices. Both corporations and individuals can take advantage of bridge loans and at Titan Funding we can customize these loans for many different situations.

    When are Bridge loans a Great fit?

  • Up to 100% LTV on a transaction with cross collateral
  • Property reposition and value add scenario
  • Need to close Fast to take advantage of an opportunity
  • Credit score is below traditional bank guidelines
  • Need to File updated tax returns to verify updated rents or revenues
  • Common sense underwriting
  • Loan size $100K-$5.0 MM
  • Loan term 1-3 years

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