Private Credit Has Potential to Be Driver in Economic Recovery

Home » BlogThe private credit market has been a key part of the debt market for decades now, and has grown exponentially since 2008, usefully filling a funding gap for many businesses[1]. In the period from 2000 till June 2019, the private credit sector has grown from $42.2 billion to $795.3 billion [2].

An SEP IRA Investment Options May Offer the Perfect Retirement Planning Solution for Many Small-Business Owners

Home » BlogWhat is an SEP IRA? The SEP part stands for Simplified Employee Pension (IRA, of course, is Individual Retirement Account.) Simplified is always good, right? Well, it is fairly simplified, anyway; there are a few limits and restrictions to be aware of but generally it’s a straightforward idea. A simplified employee pension (SEP) […]

Alternative Investments are Becoming Mainstream

Home » BlogWhat are alternative investments? Alternative investments are non-traditional investments – that includes anything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash – or even the use of non-traditional investment strategies. They include such investment vehicles as: precious metals, collectibles, hedge funds, natural resources, private debt (including mortgages), private equity, real estate, and infrastructure.

What is Needed for US Companies to Safely Re-Open Offices?

Home » BlogAs businesses across the country, start to re-open their office space, business owners are working overtime to see what precautions they need to put in place to ensure that employees and visitors are as safe as possible. The first point of reference for health and safety protocols will likely be the Center for […]

COVID-19 Proves the Tipping Point for Many Residents to Abandon Densely Populated Cities

Home » BlogWill This Trend Continue and How Will Cities Adapt and Regenerate in the Aftermath? Many of the world’s largest cities suffer from the same complaint — their housing market is out of reach for most of their residents. While Hong Kong vies for the honor of the world’s most expensive city, many cities in North […]