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Private Lending

Investing your hard-earned money can help you build your wealth. However, not all investments offer the same level of risk and reward. By working with an experienced financial professional, you can learn more about different investment opportunities available to you and make decisions that benefit your portfolio and help you diversify your strategy. One option is to become a private lender, an alternative option for investing your funds.

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Higher Returns

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What Is Private Lending?

Private lending is an investment strategy that involves lending your own capital to other investors or real estate funds that are managed by professionals. A private loan is typically secured with a mortgage against a property. If you have the funds to invest in real estate but don’t want the hassle that comes with property ownership or management, investing your capital into other investors can provide an alternative opportunity. In many ways, providing an investment loan is less risky than real estate ownership.

Many investments come with substantial risk. For example, investing in the stock market puts you at risk every time the values fluctuate, as this investment avenue is incredibly volatile. Any shift in the politics of the country can cause the value of your investments to drop without much warning. The volatility of the stock market has led investors to look into other ways to invest. Real estate is a relatively stable investment avenue, and getting into private lending can help you capitalize on the increasing value of properties without having to acquire new ones.

Real Estate Debt Funds: Then and Now

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In the past, those who wanted to purchase real estate typically had to go through a traditional lender (such as a bank) or a government agency, insurance company, or pension fund. But the timeline for obtaining a loan through a traditional lender can be long, and the requirements can feel endless. As a result, the need for alternative sources of real estate lending emerged in the market, pushing investors into the spotlight. An individual who wants to invest in real estate can purchase properties, but they may prefer to invest a bit more quietly. Enter private investment property loans, or what has become known as “real estate debt funds“.

An investment loan given to a real estate investor is backed by the value of the property being purchased with the funds. Therefore, the risk is relatively low to the investor. It’s not an investment opportunity that is entirely devoid of risk, as no investment truly is. But, generally speaking, property prices don’t fluctuate as drastically as stock prices. Instead of keeping your money in a low-yield savings account or taking on the risk of other investments, you may want to consider private investing as a viable alternative.

The Process of Private Investing

A private lender can invest in a real estate debt fund without having to manage the work that comes with property ownership. Private lenders can also make determinations when it comes to the terms of each loan, and those terms can be customized based on each individual situation and borrower. A private loan typically has a higher interest rate than a comparable loan provided by a traditional lender, but this type of loan may be more accessible to an individual or business that a bank has turned down for a loan.

Private investors will typically review all loan requests that come through and apply their own judgment in making a decision about whether to approve or deny. Their system for analysis may include underwriting, data review, and personal evaluation. A borrower who goes through this process and is approved for a loan can typically get the funds faster than they would when borrowing from a traditional lender. Additionally, the level of transparency provided by a private lender tends to be substantially higher.

Benefits of Private Investments

Investing your money privately through real estate funding opportunities opens the door to real estate investing without all the work that comes with buying, fixing up, and selling properties. You also don’t have to take on as much risk as you simply receive monthly payments on the loan, which include the interest at the agreed-upon rate. That interest is money directly in your pocket, received on a monthly basis. You can use it to invest in other opportunities or continue to build your personal wealth.

Private lending also allows you to have a hand in your portfolio. You can be as involved as you want in the loan-approval process, giving you insights into the individuals and companies that are requesting your assistance to purchase property. Some private investors choose to give guidance to their borrowers, while others remain more hands-off in the process.

Who Qualifies To Become a Private Lender?

Private lenders come from a wide range of financial backgrounds and careers. You could qualify to become a private investor if you have had success in the real estate investment market and want to expand your portfolio. Some investors have no experience in real estate, but rather have a substantial income or cash surplus and want to expand into another market, such as a CEO, physician, or lawyer. You could even be a successful startup owner or lottery winner who is looking to invest some of their capital.

Private investments come from all over. In fact, some investors get into it by helping out a family member or friend who wants to purchase real estate but may not qualify with a traditional lender. No matter what brings you into the private investing world, you can reap the benefits of real estate investing by lending your money to others and collecting interest.

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