SEC Amendments Widen Access to Lucrative Private Markets for Investors

New amendments from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will expand the pool of eligible investors available for private offerings, benefiting both would-be investors and companies looking to raise capital. Towards the end of last year, the SEC proposed amendments to its definition of “accredited investor” in Securities Act Rules 215 and 501(a), and to […]

Commercial Real Estate Tax Breaks Under CARES Act

Tax Breaks Offer Relief for Commercial Real Estate Owners Needing to Repurpose or Reconfigure Existing Space to Accommodate Social Distancing The current crisis is forcing many rapid changes to be made in the use of commercial real estate space – at considerable expense. Now, there is at least some good news for those struggling with […]

An SEP IRA Investment Options May Offer the Perfect Retirement Planning Solution for Many Small-Business Owners

What is an SEP IRA? The SEP part stands for Simplified Employee Pension (IRA, of course, is Individual Retirement Account.) Simplified is always good, right? Well, it is fairly simplified, anyway; there are a few limits and restrictions to be aware of but generally it’s a straightforward idea. A simplified employee pension (SEP) IRA is […]

Alternative Investments are Becoming Mainstream

What are alternative investments? Alternative investments are non-traditional investments – that includes anything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash – or even the use of non-traditional investment strategies. They include such investment vehicles as: precious metals, collectibles, hedge funds, natural resources, private debt (including mortgages), private equity, real estate, and infrastructure.