Construction Loan vs. HELOC

When it comes to home-renovation projects, you might feel completely overwhelmed. Not only do you have to make dozens of decisions regarding the design aesthetic, but you also need to find the money to afford such a large project. Odds are, you don’t have thousands of dollars just sitting around, so you might need to secure financing for your home improvement project. Two of the most common ways to finance a home renovation include taking out a construction loan or a HELOC.

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Demand for New Homes Rises Fast as People Flock to the South and West

Reports from realtor groups, supported by statistics from van lines and moving companies, talk convincingly of people ‘flocking’ from large metropolitan areas – especially towards the West, the mountain states, the South-East, and Texas. The perception is that there has been a noticeable increase in domestic migration in the past two years, presumably related to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But has there?

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How do Advisers Allocate Alternative Investments for Clients?

Why should advisors include alternative investments in their clients’ portfolios?  Diversification, diversification, diversification. Like location in real estate, diversification seems to be the key factor for including alternatives in a portfolio. It’s not quite as simple as that, of course, but there is no doubt that diversification is one of the chief reasons cited for allocating a portion of a portfolio to alternative investments. What percentage of a portfolio should be allocated to alternatives, for this purpose (or any other) is another issue, and each advisor will have their own opinions. We take a look at what allocations looked like in 2021 and what they might look like going forward.

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What Are Real Estate Comps?

Real estate comps are a powerful tool for anyone venturing into the complex and potentially volatile real estate market. Comps allow you to effectively compare similar real estate sales so you’ll better understand what to expect in your own situation. Whether you’re selling a piece of property, buying a home, or simply investing in the real estate market, understanding comps will help you make the best choices possible with your funds.

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