Nonbank Real Estate Lending – What Does the Future Hold?

Before the Great Recession in 2007, traditional banks were responsible for most of the mortgages in our country. However, by 2016, almost half of the mortgage loans issued were covered by nonbank lenders. These lenders don’t offer traditional banking services such as savings and checking accounts, providing them with a little more freedom and flexibility when it comes to mortgage lending. For nonbank real estate lending, what does the future hold?

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Getting Started with Private Notes and Mortgages

Let us consider the way many homeowners, developers, and investors approach real estate as an investment. Individual investors, as well as institutional investors, have long realized that investing in real estate with leveraged funds is seriously advantageous since the owner benefits from appreciation on the borrowed funds as well as on their own input. It is this rationale that encourages savvy investors to borrow money to invest in more expensive property and/or to renovate and flip a property. Nothing new here.  

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