What Are Alternative Investments?

If you’re looking to invest money in areas outside of the traditional stock market, cash alternative investments are a perfect option. They can provide you with portfolio diversification and enhance your overall returns. As one of the fastest-growing fields in finance, alternative investments are expected to grow by 59% by 2023, reaching $14 trillion in assets according to Prequin. You might be wondering what these non-traditional investments are and how they can benefit you. Use this guide to get answers to those questions and others about alternative investments.

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Loans for Investment Property: What You Need to Know

Real estate can be an incredibly profitable investment, especially in a housing market as hot as the one we’re in now. The rental market also appears to be turning the corner, making real estate investment even more attractive. But to invest in a property, you must be able to purchase it. Securing the appropriate amount of credit is the most critical step in the real estate investing process. 

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4 Ways Global Change Will Create Opportunity for Real Estate Investment

The pandemic has been a catalyst for global change, rapidly accelerating some underlying trends that were already in evidence – even before 2020. It is reasonable to assume that we may never return to the way things were in 2019, but how will the ‘new normal’ affect real estate investment and what opportunities can investors expect to see? 

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Here’s Where You Can Enjoy Fresh Seafood in Boca Raton

Sandy beaches, sunny days, and fresh seafood are just a few of the perks of living in Florida. Whether you’re new to the area, just passing through on a visit, or a lifelong resident looking for a new place to try, here’s where you can enjoy fresh seafood in Boca Raton. From fresh fish, crab legs, lobster, and even octopus, Titan Funding has you covered.

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Funding Alternatives to the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market can produce a substantial return, or it can lead to big losses. Because market crashes can impact many types of corporations at once, it’s a good idea to diversify your portfolio with investments unrelated to the stock market. The right investments can also enhance your returns. Here are some of the best alternatives to investing in the stock market.

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