How Much Does It Cost to Flip a House?

Each home flip project is unique, with costs varying widely for the acquisition, repairs, costs to hold the home, and sales expenses. Investors have many factors to consider and tools that will help analyze whether a potential investment will be profitable. Since no two situations are alike, each potential investment requires combining the available tools and calculations.

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Why Are Alternative Investments Gaining Popularity?

Alternative investments are gaining popularity with more investors adding them to their portfolio or increasing their existing allotment. There are several reasons why alternative investments are enjoying high levels of popularity right now: diversification; avoiding market volatility and the current high cost of equities; not wanting to be limited to publicly traded stocks; frustration with low returns on ‘safe’ investments; needing a hedge against inflation; increased accessibility; and personal interest or passion, as in the case of collectibles.

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Types of Real Estate Loans

Several variables come into play when looking at the type of real estate loan that’s right for you on the path to homeownership. How long you plan to live in the house, where you live, how much of a down payment you have, and what your credit history looks like are just a few of these variables. There is no one-size-fits-all mortgage, so it’s essential to determine which type of real estate loan works best for you.

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How to Get a Loan for an Investment Property

Real estate has traditionally been a solid investment that provides income through appreciation and rent. Individual investors buy a property or pool their resources with a group of investors. Buying an investment property is different from buying a primary residence, with tighter requirements to qualify for a loan and several factors to consider before pursuing such an investment.

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